Brightpearl incoming: Successful Jan 9 2018

Svetlozar Stoyanov
By Svetlozar Stoyanov

What is this about?



  • [x] Order controller webhook called from Brightpearl
  • [x] Create external events in event table from the webhook.
  • [ ] Added tests
  • [ ] Assigned people to review

Staging to review

Notes for deployment


Last Change

Rename method onStatusChanged to 'createExternalEvent'.

Because it's common now.

Git fetch and reset hard
HEAD is now at 417cb99 Rename method onStatusChanged to 'createExternalEvent'.
Installing composer dependencies
Installing javascript dependencies
yarn install v1.3.2
[1/4] Resolving packages...
[2/4] Fetching packages...
[3/4] Linking dependencies...
warning " > react-text-truncate@0.12.0" has incorrect peer dependency "react@^15.4.1".
warning " > react-text-truncate@0.12.0" has incorrect peer dependency "react-dom@^15.4.1".
[4/4] Rebuilding all packages...
success Saved lockfile.
Done in 12.78s.
Compiling assets
[21:09:58] Using gulpfile ~/staging-sites/brightpearl-incoming/gulpfile.js
[21:09:58] Starting 'build-production'...
[21:09:58] Starting 'scss'...
[21:09:58] Starting 'babel'...
[21:09:58] Starting 'browserify-production'...
[21:09:58] Finished 'build-production' after 66 ms
[21:10:00] Finished 'babel' after 2.22 s
[21:10:30] Finished 'browserify-production' after 32 s
[21:10:31] Finished 'scss' after 33 s
[21:10:31] Starting 'useref'...
[21:11:32] Finished 'useref' after 1.02 min
Clearing cache

 // Clearing the cache...                                                       

 [OK] Cache was successfully cleared.                                           

Loading configuration from the integration code of your framework (setter).
                    Clippings Migrations                    

Migrating up to 20180105200200 from 20180105200200

  ++ migrating 20180102161656

     -> CREATE INDEX name ON brands (name)
     -> CREATE INDEX parent_id ON project_groups (parent_id)

  ++ migrated (2.56s)
Saving structure of database "staging_brightpearl-incoming" to migrations/schema.sql
Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.


  ++ finished in 2.56s
  ++ 1 migrations executed
  ++ 2 sql queries